The Cause –

The Cause

What Is The Cause Of My Child’s Challenges?

In simple terms, our brains consist of two sides or hemispheres. To function well, a child should have relatively balanced strengths on both sides of the brain. Children with behavioral, academic, social, or other challenges often have an imbalance where they predominantly use only one side of the brain. This causes one side of the brain to be stronger, while the other side develops more slowly and is weaker. This explains why many children have obvious strengths in some areas but struggle greatly in others.

The Left Brain Controls

The left side of the brain is the intellectual side. It is logical, good with facts and details. The left brain likes routine and repetition. It may want the same thing for breakfast every day. Those with a strong left brain are often very bright, have a large vocabulary, and memorize interesting facts in a wide range of topics.

The Right Brain Controls

In very general terms, the right side is responsible for social development and large muscle coordination. It reads body language, facial expressions, and regulates emotions. The right brain gets bored with routine and desires frequent change. Those with a strong right brain are often artistic, athletic, and social.

When areas of the brain are not doing their job and the two sides don’t communicate well, your child will struggle with certain skills. For example, those with a weak left brain may struggle with academics and details. Those with a weak right brain may be socially immature and have little interest in sports or outdoor activities. Many children have weaknesses on both sides of the brain. These children struggle in both the right and left brain functions.

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