The Program –

The Program

The Brain Can Be Changed At Any Age.

This means a child’s problems need not be permanent and the situation is not hopeless.

In an orchestra the musicians work together, playing the right notes at precisely the right time. The result is beautiful music.

In essence, the brain is designed to work the same way. The two sides of the brain must perform in coordinated harmony, each performing its different functions at just the right time. When the two sides are disconnected, like an out-of-tune orchestra, they play the wrong notes or at different tempos. The instruments or parts are all there but they are not working together as they should. The result is evident in a child’s various behavioral, academic, social, and other difficulties.

The good news is that the brain is changeable! Think of what would happen if you only exercised one arm in the gym. That arm would grow stronger while the other would get even weaker from not being used. Brain Balance focuses on the weaker areas to bring them up to match your child’s strengths. This helps ensure that your child has the skills and tools needed to function at his or her age level in all areas of life. Brain Balance is a short-term, non-medical, and drug-free program that restores the necessary balance and proper brain function starting with two basic, but crucial steps.

  • Step 1 – Identify a struggling child’s weaknesses or imbalance.
  • Step 2 – Implement a customized program to strengthen the weaker areas and to restore balance.

Brain Balance is a uniquely comprehensive program that leads to improvements in all areas. Too many families spend time and money running back and forth between various methods that address only symptoms, achieving only minimal results. Brain Balance combines into one program tools necessary for your child to thrive.


Where it Begins

Recognizing there is a problem and doing something about it is critical to your child’s success. Brain Balance is where kids connect with success.

Part of the key to our results is in understanding and accurately identifying where the weaknesses are and then customizing a program to overcome them. We conduct a sensory motor and cognitive evaluation of more than 900 functions. While children describe this assessment as fun, it provides valuable information about current developmental progress, areas of weakness, and imbalance. The reasons why a child excels in some areas and has trouble in others becomes clear. A Brain Balance program is then prepared and implemented, which is customized to provide the specific tools the child needs to function at or beyond their age level.

Where Kids Connect With Success

While it was once believed that the brain was static, unable to grow or change, extensive research shows that it is remarkably adaptable. It can grow, strengthen, and improve at just about any age. Because the brain can change and missing pieces of development can be corrected, children can and do improve.

Brain Balance provides lasting results, having helped thousands of children in over 61 locations across the country reach their true potential. We don’t believe in compensating for a child’s challenges, we believe in conquering them.

Read some of the Brain Balance success stories from real Utah families.

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