The Results –

The Results

Changing Lives in Our Community


For the past two years my husband and I felt that Jasmine was not moving forward like other children her age. We wanted to help her without medication, if possible.

My husband and I were at a restaurant and I wanted to go through the drive through and he wanted to go in. Thank goodness my husband won and we went in. While we were in line I saw a Brain Balance poster that listed the struggles we saw in Jasmine. I went to the center and while they were showing me around and talking about the program, I was thinking how did they know Jasmine? That is when I knew this was the place for her.

Before Brain Balance she was very emotional, lacked focus, could never sit still and was always on the move. She hated school and so did we. Every day she came home upset and crying because she couldn’t do the work and she didn’t get along with her classmates, especially the boys. She was overweight and struggled to keep up with her peers. So with all that and more against her school was very hard.

After Brain Balance Jasmine is on the right track. Now she is focused and school is no longer as hard. Her teacher said that her handwriting is one of the best in her class. She stands up in front of her class and reads her book reports. We can go on road trips now because she can sit still longer than 10 minutes without asking “are we there, yet?” She understands personal space and, because of that, she has made friends of her own age. She tries and enjoys new foods. She is at a healthy weight now and running is no longer a problem for her. Teachers are always expressing how proud they are of Jasmine and all her positive changes. Everyone who knew Jasmine before Brain Balance all say she has grown in a positive way. We couldn’t be more proud of her. She put in the hard work and it is paying off. She is still continuing to develop and work on things, but Brain Balance is the best thing that could ever have come into our lives.

At the center they are so nice and helpful. They always have smiles on their faces because they are truly happy to see you and help wherever they can. Do whatever you can to enroll your child into Brain Balance. It is a lot of hard work, but in the end you will be so happy you did it. This program changed Jasmine’s life and our lives forever. Now we get to see what we knew Jasmine was all along – smart, confident outgoing and beautiful from the inside out. Give this great gift to your child; they will be forever grateful!


Our Brain Balance journey began for Reichlin for a few different reasons. He has always been such a very physically strong kid but could not use his body to where we felt like he should be able to. Coordination was always an issue for him, not for daily tasks but for bigger full body movements. He also was struggling to not get distracted in class and his teacher had reported that he was getting his card turned frequently in class, which was unlike him. He also struggled with his handwriting fluency. We just felt like he was capable of more, and there was no apparent reason why he was struggling in these areas.

After we had his Brain Balance evaluation, things made a lot more sense as to why he was struggling. Parts of his brain were underdeveloped, preventing some of his abilities to grow. His core was weak. He looked like he should be able to do the activities that were being asked of him, but he couldn’t. He was disengaged in most things and his main interests were to watch TV and play video games.

We have learned so much about Reichlin and how to help him from Brain Balance. He got all straight A’s and perfect scores on all of his citizenship grades this last semester. He is doing great in Gymnastics and has really engaged in our family and with his friends. We have had numerous people that have commented on how much more imaginative and involved he is when they spend time with him! We are so grateful that Brain Balance has put not only Reichlin on the right path, but our whole family.

– Jillian Bates
Parent Advocate

Before Brain Balance, Hayden struggled with the normalcy of a child’s day. School was a constant struggle, he had trouble keeping friends, and he felt justified in angry outbursts directed at classmates. He ran away from school on more than one occasion and took things that didn’t belong to him. Worst of all, everyday there was an email from his teacher, listing his mistakes and struggles of the day. He was hyperactive, impulsive, anxious, and struggled to sleep at night. Hayden felt bound by repetitive rituals and obsessions; he was fearful of germs and avoided contact with people. We had tests done that proved he had a brilliant mind and photographic memory, yet he couldn’t follow simple rules or stand the way socks felt on his feet.

After Brain Balance Hayden is the brilliant, happy, and sweet boy I always knew he could be. He enjoys being outdoors, riding his bike, and playing team sports, things he was unable to do before. Hayden no longer struggles to make and keep friends. He no longer struggles with obsessive or compulsive behaviors. Gone are the days we used to fight over the need for him to wear a coat when it’s winter, because now he can actually feel when he is cold. He reads social cues and understands facial expressions to know how someone else is feeling. He no longer has tantrums, or beats up on himself. He is happy and proud of who he is and no longer asks “mommy, what’s wrong with me?” His eczema has even disappeared. The very best part: Others see the difference in him too. Now teachers tell me, not only that he’s smart but that he’s a good and well behaved young man. I always knew he was capable of it, but Brain Balance gave him the ability to achieve it.

– Amber Sundwall

Between the ages of 6 and 9 years old, my son was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and stress-induced Tourette’s Syndrome. Although he is a smart child, every school year that went by, the social gap got larger and larger; his grades really started suffering. He was always labeled as “weird” or “annoying” and people didn’t want to take the time to get to know or understand him. About the time he got into 8th grade, the age related temptations and peer-related issues got too much for him to hanule; resulting in failing classes, experimenting with drugs/alcohol, trips to the Principal’s office and school suspensions. He turned “Emo” and got very depressed, was being tempted by “Satanism” and talked about suicide. Everyone around us had an opinion of what to do, and how to hanule an “un-ruley” or “rebellious” kid; along w/their opinions of how a ‘real mother’ should hanule him. The stress and heartbreak it was causing me to watch my son self-destruct got to be too much for me to hanule and I knew something had to be done about his downward spiral before it was too late.

One day I was pulled over in my car crying (after ANOTHER argument w/him) and asked God for a sign of what to do. Then I heard a commercial on the radio for Brain Balance.

Since Brain Balance, his transformation has been incredible. He is more respectful, does his chores without it turning into a battle, is more outgoing, is frienuly and is HAPPY. He and his sister now have their best-friend relationship back. His physical transformation is amazing. He has gone from the black gothic look to his own natural look. Before Brain Balance, he always had an awkward physical ability – now he can run and loves to be outdoors.

Austin was very glad he attended Brain Balance

RD & Nathan

Our 11 year old son was diagnosed with Ali when he was 8 years old. His younger brother, who is 8 was diagnosed when he was 6 with ADHD. Both boys took medicine to help them focus in school and in life. While we did the lowest doses possible they struggled with insomnia, weight loss, and other side effects that came with the medicine. They started to become less social. They didn’t want to leave the house. The computer or some other screen was where they wanted to be. They no longer would play outside. In a nutshell, they were trapped inside their own bodies.

After talking with several parents about Brain Balance, I knew we had to try. I tell people that if my sons needed a medical operation to save their lives, I would do it no matter the cost. I viewed Brain Balance as “life saving”. I knew this program could alter the course of their lives. We had to do it! It is by far the best money we have ever spent. Having our boys back is priceless! The little boys that were trapped inside have blossomed. I no longer dread taking them somewhere and having them act up. They listen. They read social cues. They play outside! They are so much fun!

Both boys are completely off of their medicine and are doing great in school. I never dreamed it could be this good. They both have come to love the diet and are very happy to be eating so healthy. They tell me it makes them feel better. Their teachers have noticed their improvement and were very supportive. My advice to anyone considering Brain Balance is to DO IT! Work the program and the program will work for you! It is hard work, but do it! My boys are so proud of their accomplishments with Brain Balance and they would tell you to do it as well.


Andrew was struggling with his behavior in school, at home, and in his activities. He was immature for his age, prone to severe emotional meltdowns, unable to sit still at all, constantly complained about wearing clothes and shoes (and very often took them off – while at school), wouldn’t look people in the eyes, and didn’t seem to hear or remember instructions. He also didn’t like to color or write, and reading was difficult. He was very stubborn, lacked impulse control, and was also struggling with a slight stutter. He often interrupted, and could not read social cues well enough to realize that this was not appropriate. His teachers, maybe without even realizing it, started to label him as a “bad” kid, which was hard for me as a mom to watch. He also seemed to be struggling with academics, but I knew that was not for lack of intellect, but from an inability to focus. I finally realized that whatever his issues were – they were beyond my ability to hanule alone. So, we began to consider and look for help.

We found Brain Balance by accident. My husband saw the center one day as he was driving around on a lunch break. Curious, he looked it up when he got back to his office, and immediately sent the website to me to look at. After some research and careful consideration, I decided to call in.

It was the best call I ever made.

Looking at him from this end of the Brain Balance experience, he is a completely different child! The first change we noticed was that he started looking at us in the eye. Then, he started commenting on smells, which he never had before, and I hadn’t even realized it. Slowly, his behavior started improving.

Now, he does not stutter when he speaks, and can articulate himself well beyond his age level. He is calmer, can sit through school and church, he can read social cues much better, he responds to instruction much quicker, and remembers everything that he is told to do. He is not so easily distracted by surrounding noises, and can focus on a particular task until it is done. He also keeps his clothes and shoes on at school. His fine motor skills have improved drastically, and as a result, he now loves to draw pictures, and his handwriting has improved. His reading is now beyond his grade level and his sight word recall is quick and accurate. His intellect is now shining through! I feel bad saying this – but I did not give him enough credit in that department! I knew he was bright, but in reality, now that his mind is clear and functioning properly, he is SO much smarter than I realized. It is amazing to see his intelligence shine!

His emotional meltdowns have all but disappeared! If he gets frustrated, he responds like any normal kid now. He doesn’t throw the big tantrum like he used to, but can better control his emotions and reactions, and now he can be reasoned with. I don’t have to worry about him breaking down randomly anymore! It is such a relief! It has made family outings more fun, and much less stressful.

Most importantly, he is happier, and much more confident in himself. It is a reward beyond hope! Brain Balance has changed our boy’s life for the immeasurable better! It was a lot of work, but worth every bit!”


Macie was having trouble in school. She failed every spelling test no matter how much study time we put in and she was having a hard time reading. We would study math facts nightly and the next day they would be gone. She was also struggling with self esteem issues and was just super sensitive and took everything very personally.

One of the biggest changes I noticed was her self esteem and her confidence level went up and people around her noticed that too. She was singing in front of other people and she wasn’t nearly as sensitive and she could take a joke and she got sarcasm.

She also she started reading on her own for enjoyment which she had never done before and read 3 books during that summer.

She was so excited about the school year and that is a huge change. She had always cried and dreaded it before.

Macie is currently getting A’s and B’s and has a much better social life. Brain Balance has absolutely changed her life and it was the best money we have ever spent.


Well beforehand he would be so obsessive about little things and if we didn’t follow through on our step-by-step routine he would have a meltdown. All the meltdowns and tantrums were getting out of hand. Before the program he was so rigid in what he would eat and in what he would even try to the point that he would even make himself gag. Friends would come over but it was apparent that Garrett was a couple of years behind socially. We were concerned if he would make friends when he started school.

My goal was for him to not be so scared of life because he lived with so much anxiety over food, animals, loud noises, or any situation that was new. It wasn’t always a tantrum or a fit but he could not function and as a parent it is really hard to see your children struggle. These challenges limited us on what we could do and where we could go.

When he was little it was easy to pass off our concerns with ‘he will grow out of it’ or ‘it is just a phase,’ but as he has gotten older the kids start to look at him like he is different and he is weird. We didn’t want him labeled so we were anxious to start the program.

We instantly began to see changes. His behaviors improved and his meltdowns decreased. He became more compliant with eating different types of foods. Our neighbors have dogs and they are not a problem now – he loves them. As we started the program I noticed huge changes. One day I would realize ‘oh he hasn’t done that for almost two weeks now.’ He began playing and conversing appropriately with friends. Many other changes occurred that affected his daily activities. I loved that the program helped him so quickly with his struggles without using medication.

I would suggest getting your child assessed. It was eye opening to see why my child was struggling. The people at Brain Balance are so dedicated to helping my child and that is priceless. We were in 110% and I felt like everyone here was as well. He is a completely different child now: happy and content and it is so so much better.

Prior to the program I was unable to have a conversation with my son. I would ask him a question and his response was always just one-word answers. And now he will call me on the phone and I ask him a question and he responds and gives me answers and we talk back and forth and he asks me questions now. That is something that a few months back I would never have seen happen so quickly. It was amazing.


Brain Balance has been a miracle in my family’s life. I have a son and he struggles with Ali. Everyday I would dread when he would come home from school because I felt like the battle would begin. Me trying to get him to do his homework, do his chores, be involved in our family and him resisting crying. He would get so angry and just blow up. His teacher had mentioned that he might even have to repeat the grade that he was in. My son is a very smart boy, so I was very shocked.

That’s when Brain Balance came into our life and as he went through the program things started to change for him. He was able to concentrate on his homework and do the things he needed to. He was able to concentrate on following through with handing his homework in and be able to focus on the test that he was taking. Now he’s getting straight A’s thanks to Brain Balance. He has become calmer and our family has become calmer and there is a peace within our home.

I love the staff at Brain Balance; they are so caring. They make it a point to get to know each and every one of the children, and not just the children that they work with but their families as well. Brain Balance is like a big family and they’re there to support you through your journey.


Our Brain Balance journey started in January of 2012. I was at the dentist’s office with my 6 boys and noticed a flyer on the counter, which caught my attention. It was for the Brain Balance program and it caught my eye because I had a son that had just been diagnosed about 6 months earlier with Ali and Rolandic Epilepsy and I was so worried and confused and scared for him. All the information on the flyer made sense.

Before Brain Balance Cannon was constantly putting things in his mouth that were not food, he was defiant, he could not sit still to save his life, he didn’t concentrate on one thing for very long, he hated to read, he would not do his homework, he did not enjoy any kind of sport, he only wanted to play video games and he was starting to have more and more problems at school, not only with his academics, but now he was starting to have behavior issues as well. In short, our family life revolved around this son. I was constantly trying to figure out what kind of day we were going to have based on how this son was feeling, or what he was doing.

My son loved going to Brain Balance. He had a lot of fun with those that worked with him. He loved the attention that he got there.

I remember about 2 months into the program taking my son to a Cub Scout Pack Meeting (which I always dreaded, because he could not sit in his chair for more than about 2 minutes and then he was under the chair or running around, or poking someone, or doing something inappropriate – just like my 3 year old and 2 year old), we sat down and he went up front to sit with the other boys. He sat in the chair, listening attentively, raising his hand to answer questions, and participating appropriately the ENTIRE hour. WOW – again something that should come so naturally that other people probably didn’t even notice, but I was AMAZED, STUNNED, THRILLED – was this really my son? And was this really happening?

Other things started happening overnight, no more fights to get homework done, no more calls from the school saying he was in the principal or school counselor’s office, emails from his teacher telling me he was thriving and doing well in the classroom. WOO HOO!! He was having fun playing soccer and even kicked the ball several times in his last season. He played his position and paid attention to the games. He no longer was the uncoordinated kid in choir that couldn’t clap, step side to side, and sing at the same time – he now had rhythm and was enjoying choir. He started to come home from school and tell me about the cool stuff they were doing in class, and would do his homework without a second thought. He could sit still in church for an hour, he quit putting things in his mouth and chewing on his clothes, and he quit asking for more screen time. Again WOW, was this really happening?

Is my son still considered “Ali” the neuropsychologist that diagnosed him is simply stumped, because he is no longer able to diagnose him Ali, it has somehow magically disappeared.

I would do it all over again in a minute. It has been the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. We no longer revolve around my son – we are a cohesive unit working together for everyone’s happiness now. He is the same loveable, crazy, stubborn kid, but he has grown up a lot and has overcome so many things that caused so many challenges before. He is now a few months away from being 12 years old, and is an amazing young man. I am so happy for him and his achievements and growth. THANK YOU BRAIN BALANCE!

Barbara, St. George, Utah

Preston didn’t want to focus or even try to read. He was extremely disinterested, even if you were reading him the story, not to mention having him to try and read it himself. Trying to get him to read was the biggest fight of our lives. He struggled greatly with attention span and the ability to focus and listen. Following multi-step instructions was impossible for him. He would get easily frustrated and would act out because of that frustration. It caused stress on the family, because it would make normal tasks, like getting out of the door in the morning, very difficult. His struggles caused a lot of anger and frustration for the whole family.

During and after the Brain Balance program, Preston greatly improved. He enjoyed having books read to him and he engaged in books on his own. He’s doing a book report right now and he is so excited about it, interested in it, and wants to read. He will stay up all night reading it. I don’t want to stop him because it is so great that he is enjoying it. It is so rewarding to watch him enjoy reading. His attention span and focus have greatly improved – it’s changed 180 degrees. You ask him to do something and he will do it. It is not a constant fight anymore to get him to do things, which has alleviated a lot of the stress.

We made the right decision in seeking Brain Balance – it works! We are in a whole different place than before the program. Brain Balance totally decreased stress and strengthened the family unit. Now we can really enjoy life.


Gracie, 5, was struggling in school to keep up with basic assignments, too distracted and unfocused to complete her work in class. To sit with her at home and work through her homework took hours when it should have taken thirty minutes.

Everybody loved her energy and commented on how fun and full of life she was, but what they didn’t see was how that energy was never turned down, and that would exhaust mom, teachers, and family members. Instead of greeting you with “Hello” or even an appropriate bashful little “Hi”, she would look at you, without really looking at you, and growl, screech or bark, and then run off to climb up or jump off the nearest platform.

My wife would often be in tears at the end of the day, and as I came home from work I could sense the energy in the house was not good. As usual, Gracie was in trouble and in her room and mom was at the kitchen table either mad or crying.

The way she acted we wondered if she had any feelings of remorse, regret or much of a conscience to be honest. She didn’t seem to connect her actions with consequences. We worried about what would happen when she gets older, she was going to end up in some program or doing something drastic and end up making heaulines.

Gracie is not our only child, so we knew that these were not “stages” of normal development. We knew we couldn’t just wait for her to grow out of it. She was getting further behind in school, she was getting in more trouble at home and school, and we could not see this coming to a good end.

Well, my wife came to an open house at Brain Balance and started learning a bit about the program and how it could help. We decided to get her assessed at Brain Balance and see if we could find out what was going on. So glad we did!

When we met with the Center Director, to go over the results of Gracie’s assessment, we were amazed at what she was able to tell us about Gracie. She not only knew what Gracie’s challenges were, she knew what was causing them and what we could do to correct them!

We decided to enroll in the program and our family has not been the same since. Gracie is much better at her homework and her teacher has commented on how she is more focused and attentive in class. She actually sits at her desk in school and gets her work done instead of wandering around talking. She sits at the table during dinner, where she used to not be able to stay at the table for more than five minutes. She is conversational with people. Family and friends have started commenting on how she is much more mature. You can literally see her processing when you talk to her, where before you could just see in her eyes that things weren’t connecting.

It’s fun to recognize my daughter for something she did and have her turn to me and say “Dad! It’s because Brain Balance!” Even Gracie notices and feels the difference between how things were for her, and how things are for her now.

As a family, we are a much healthier, happier, and more connected since enrolling in Brain Balance. We now get to enjoy the spunk and energy of our fun little girl without the socially inappropriate behavior, the lack of focus with school and homework, and our constant worry about future struggles.


Alec was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 8. He was a quirky baby from day one. He didn’t nurse, he was constipated and he wasn’t able to sleep on his own. As he grew he was getting hurt ALL the time, several stitches, bruises, cuts, bumps, falls, etc. He started showing signs of Ali symptoms and social delays. He had problems with digestion and going to the bathroom and his skin became noticeably dry, itchy, rashy, red, etc. He was often sick which has been true since birth, constant ear infections, strep throat, he had ear tubes 3 times, tonsils out, adenoids out, and he was always either constipated or had diarrhea. His eating habits were terrible – he was very picky. When he turned 10, he was severely bullied at school and his behavior significantly got worse. He refused to go to school and began hitting himself and banging his head against walls. He would burst out crying and not be able to stop; he used self-loathing statements and had constant tantrums for no apparent reason, which would last FOREVER! The teacher stated that she was very worried because when he does go to school he just stares at the wall or hides under his desk. He destroys pencils and wanders off to the bathroom for hours. The teacher called me in a panic one day and told me that she caught him cutting on himself with scissors at school.

That is the day I called Brain Balance. And I have never regretted that decision. I have my boy back now. He is happy, he laughs, he jokes, and he rides a bike (he could never do that before or balance before). He has friends and he is confident, he is caught up on schoolwork. He is healthy, his skin is clear. I could go on and on.


Collin was adopted at age 4 ½ from Romania. He had minimal stimulation until age 3 when we moved him from orphanage to Romanian foster home. He was very defiant when he was first adopted and although the defiance eventually improved it turned into stubbornness and anxiety. Although he was very frienuly and talkative he was not able to control this behavior and did not understand social boundaries. In school he had difficulty with attention, focus, staying on task and short-term memory. He was diagnosed with Ali and we put him on medication, which made him lose his appetite so we took him off of it. Collin struggled so much academically that he had to be held back a year. He didn’t have very many friends; he was able to make friends with adults or small children but not kids his same age.

Brain Balance did wonders for Collin, he has caught up academically and everything at school is less of a struggle for him. He has made a couple of strong peer relationships and is much more mature. He is acting his age and has so much confidence. My son with anxiety is singing a solo at the school talent show! He is doing things that he never dared try before; he is hiking and doing outdoor activities that he shied away from and best of all he is happier and we are too! We worried that he was too old to help. Collin is 14 and some people think that if you don’t help a child by a certain age then it’s too late, but Brain Balance proved that wrong and gave us hope. Collin has experienced great success at Brain Balance.

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